Tammet’s Catch-Fan safety nets are designed to catch falling items and fulfil the requirements of EN 1263-1, System T. The Catch-Fan units are modules that are mounted to the slabs, to scaffolding or directly to façades. The standard sizes of the catch fans are 6×3 m and 4×3 m.

  • The Catch-Fan base net catches the energy of large objects, and the debris net stops smaller objects from falling through.
  • The Catch-Fan safety net is a double-layered, polypropylene mesh with a base net with 60×60 mm openings and a debris net with 20×20 mm openings.
  • The net has been tested and fulfils the requirements of EN 1263-1, System T, and it stops objects weighing up to 100 kg dropped from a height of 7 m.
  • The Catch-Fan safety nets are suitable for high construction sites and can also be used in narrow places, since the nets are easy to fold in e.g., out of way of cranes.
  • We offer a selection of attachment components suitable for most floor plans. We can also provide full technical support from design to delivery and training.


Catch Fan 4m

  • 2079621-4
  • EN 1263-1
  • 47 kg
  • 4×3 m
  • 4 m

Compatible with packing material: EUR Module Pallet

Catch Fan 6m

  • 2079621-6
  • EN 1263-1
  • 71 kg
  • 6×3 m
  • 6 m

Compatible with packing material: EUR Module Pallet

Packing materials

EUR Module Pallet

  • 0T0060
  • 45
  • 1200x800x1122 mm

Catch Fan Safety Nets

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