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Construction Site Safety

The safe loading and unloading of hollow-core slabs and precast concrete elements from trucks at the site is a challenging task. Tammet’s truck loading platform ensures safe and fast handling of precast elements, also in winter.

Tammet has developed a truck loading platform together with construction companies and we have ensured the functionality of the structure with the construction site safety authorities in order to ensure that the end product is as safe as possible for use on construction sites. Our platform is easy to use, safe, and long lasting. The platform is also easy to transport, move, and store. Adjustable legs make installation easier in cases where the ground surface of the unloading area is uneven. With the platform modules you can effortlessly build an unloading place for the precast elements at a construction site that extends around the truck and makes the unloading safe.

  • The truck loading platform module is 6.1 m long and 1.2 m wide, with a weight of 799 kg.
  • The access level and stairs are made using safety grates, which ensure safe walking on the platform, even in winter.
  • The access level and stairs can be moved sideways 380 mm which means that the access level can be moved to the side of the truck making walking on top of the load safe.
  • Stairs can be attached to both sides of the platform. Safety barriers are included with the platform.
  • When using four modules together, you can create a truck-length unloading location where the precast elements can be unloaded safely.
  • The truck loading platforms can be stored on top of each other.
  • Four truck loading platform modules with fittings can be transported with a tractor unit with a 6 m trailer bed.
  • The entire platform is made of hot-dip galvanised steel, which guarantees a long lifetime for the product.


2079760Truck loading platform 6100 x 1210 x 1495Hot-dip galvanised737
2079761Stair to platform, 5 stepsHot-dip galvanised62

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