Woven protective meshes

Manufacturing and Stock Metal Meshes

Woven protective meshes are made from black or hot-dip galvanised steel wire. The meshes can be powder coated according to the shades of the RAL colour chart.

The black and galvanised steel wire fulfils the requirements of the EN ISO 16120-2:2011 standard. They can be made from acid-proof wire by order. The protective woven meshes are made from pressed steel wire:

  • Single-sided pressing (SSP) forms and evens the upper surface for the mesh.
  • Corrugated pressing (CP) forms an identical surface on both sides of the mesh.

Things to know about woven meshes:

  • The wires of woven mesh are interwoven with each other. The wires of woven mesh have a higher tensile strength than welded meshes. Therefore, woven meshes are well suited to places where good burglary protection is desired.
  • Woven meshes can be manufactured in rolls or in sheets.
  • Woven meshes are made of uncoated steel wire or galvanised wire. You can also get stainless or acid-resistant wire by special order.
  • The tolerance of the mesh depends on the wire ends of the mesh sheet. The mesh cannot be manufactured ‘without wire ends’, because this will cause the outer wire to become loose. For this reason, the mesh tolerance is usually + ½ diamond.
  • This type of woven mesh is expressed as an aperture/wire dimension, not from the middle of the wires as with welded meshes.
  • Woven meshes can be manufactured by various wire pressings, the most common wire pressings for the mesh are SSP = single-sided pressing or CP = corrugated pressing.
  • The fastening of woven mesh is best done using flat bar or corner iron, for example.
  • Woven mesh can be powder coated after weaving. Powder coating is done electrostatically, after which the powder is burned in a furnace onto the mesh. This method gives a durable and high-quality painted surface. For indoor use, we recommend using epoxy or polyester powder coating. For outdoor use, we recommend using polyester powder coating. The mesh can be painted in colour shades from the RAL colour chart.
  • The maximum size of the painted mesh in our powder-coating line is 1.8 x 3.0 m.

kudotut suojaverkot cad


ArticleCoating*PressingHole (a)
Ø mm
Sheet size
In stock
2102502M 1000 x 2000PYP10 x 1021000 x 20004,3 
2102508M 1000 x 2000PYP25 x 253,41000 x 20005 
2102508M 2000 x 2500PYP25 x 253,42000 x 25005 
2102510M 1000 x 2000PYP30 x 303,41000 x 20004,3 
2102510M 2000 x 2500PYP30 x 303,42000 x 25004,3 
2102513M 2000 x 2500PYP40 x 4042000 x 25004,5 
2102514M 2450 x 2500PMP40 x 4062450 x 250010x
2102516M 2000 x 2500PYP50 x 5042000 x 25003,7 
2103609Z 1000 x 2000KYP25 x 253,41000 x 20005,2 
2103609Z 2000 x 2500KYP25 x 253,42000 x 25005,2x
2103611Z 1000 x 2000KYP30 x 303,41000 x 20004,4 
2103611Z 2000 x 2500KYP30 x 303,42000 x 25004,4x
2103615Z 2000 x 2500KYP40 x 4042000 x 25004,6 
2103619Z 2000 x 2500KYP50 x 5042000 x 25003,8x
2103680Z 1000 x 2000KPP17 x 1721000 x 20002,5x
2103680Z 2000 x 2500KPP17 x 1722000 x 25002,5x
2102502M 1 x 25PYP10 x 1021000 x 250004,3 
2102503M 1 x 25PYP12 x 1221000 x 250003,6 
2102505M 1 x 25PYP20 x 2021000 x 250002,3 
2102506M 1 x 25PYP20 x 2031000 x 250004,9 
2102508M 1 x 25PYP25 x 253,41000 x 250005 
2102508M 2 x 25PYP25 x 253,42000 x 250005 
2102510M 1 x 25PYP30 x 303,41000 x 250004,3 
2102510M 2 x 25PYP30 x 303,42000 x 250004,3 
2102513M 2 x 25PYP40 x 4042000 x 250004,5 
2102516M 1 x 25PYP50 x 5041000 x 250003,7 
2102516M 2 x 25PYP50 x 5042000 x 250003,7 
2103602Z 1 x 25KYP10 x 1021000 x 250004,4 
2103603Z 1 x 25KYP12 x 1221000 x 250003,4 
2103606Z 1 x 25KYP20 x 2021000 x 250002,3 
2103607Z 1 x 25KYP20 x 2031000 x 250004,9 
2103609Z 1 x 25KYP25 x 253,41000 x 250005,2 
2103609Z 2 x 25KYP25 x 253,42000 x 250005,2x
2103611Z 1 x 25KYP30 x 303,41000 x 250004,4 
2103611Z 2 x 25KYP30 x 303,42000 x 250004,4x
2103615Z 2 x 25KYP40 x 4042000 x 250004,6 
2103619Z 1 x 25KYP50 x 5041000 x 250003,8 
2103619Z 2 x 25KYP50 x 5042000 x 250003,8x
2103682Z 1 x 25KPP8 x 81,51000 x 250003 
2103682Z 2 x 25KPP8 x 81,52000 x 250003x
2103631Z 1 x 25KPP10 x 101,51000 x 250002,7 
2103680Z 2 x 25KPP17 x 1722000 x 250002,5x
2103646Z 2 x 25KPP40 x 4042000 x 250005 
2103649Z 2 x 25KPP50 x 5042000 x 250003,9x

* P = Uncoated Fe, K = Hot-dip galvanised


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