Safety mats

Construction Site Safety

TP50: construction site safety mats for concrete surfaces

This mat has been developed to secure walking paths on construction sites.

  • The mat’s surface is made of durable material.
  • The mat isn’t slippery in either wet or dry conditions.
  • The mat is both mould and fungus repellent.
  • The mat’s surface can be easily cleaned.
  • The mat is suitable for indoor use.
  • The mat can be easily installed using the designated nails.

TP10: construction site safety mats for all surfaces

This mat is particularly designed for soft and unprepared surfaces.

  • The mat can be used both inside and outside. It is able to endure heavy usage and even small vehicles.
  • The mat composition filters dirt and water and the surface remains safe for moving on.
  • The mat is able to endure constant freezing and unfreezing. It can withstand -25°C without cracking. Fireproof.
  • The mat is both mould and fungus repellent.
  • The mat isn’t slippery in either wet or dry conditions.
  • The mat can be placed on the ground by itself or by using its attachment mechanism.

Self-attaching interior mat

This mat has been specially designed to protect different surfaces throughout the construction period.

  • This product is suitable for protecting parquet, laminated, and plastic floors, as well as other floor surfaces.
  • The mat sticks well to both stairs and hard wall surfaces.



2079650Työmaan turvamatto TP10 – matto, 1,0 x 10 m
– turvallisen vyöhykkeen merkintään ja kovaa kulutusta kestävä matto (uudelleen käytettävä)
“100 % PVC DOP vapaa”48
2079651Työmaan turvamatto betonipinnoille, TP50 – matto, 1,0 x 50 m
– turvallisen kävelyvyöhykkeen merkintään betonialustoille (kertakäyttöinen)
 Kiinnikkeet, 110 kpl (maton kiinnitystä varten)Zn+punainen1 laatikko
 Mattoteippi, 50 mm leveä, 25 m / rll (4 rll/50 m matto)Polypropyleeni 
2079653Tac Mat – Suojamatto, TM200, 1,0 x 50 m
– itseliimautuva ja uudelleenkäytettävä
Polyesteri, PSA20

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Jan Kaunisranta

Area Sales Manager

(Capital area)

Jukka Heikkala

Area Sales Manager

(Central and Northern Finland)