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Construction Site Safety

Tammet has developed the most lightweight SF-100 safety barrier on the Finnish market. The safety barrier is equipped with a tube frame and a mesh pitch that becomes narrower at the middle, which optimises the strength properties of the mesh.

The mesh pitch of the safety barrier makes it possible to use the mesh together with the Tammet Systems mesh barrier fence posts. The safety barrier is also suitable for the VEPE safety barrier posts and the Combisafe safety barrier posts with an SBM holder. The product complies with the requirements of Finnish legislation (government regulations 205/2009 as well as EN 13374-A).

  • Safety barriers are always made in the customer’s desired colour tone and are equipped with stickers of the customer’s logo.
  • A safety barrier improves the safety and overall look of the site. Safety barriers make your company visible on construction sites, which can be seen from long distances.
  • The height of the safety barrier is 1.1 m and the lengths are 1.3 m, 1.8 m, 2.4 m, and 2.6 m.
  • Safety barriers are transported and stored in hot-dip galvanised transport carriers, which can hold up to 50 safety barriers per carrier.
  • The transport carrier developed for the mesh optimises transport and storage.


2078801 – 3020/5005Safety Barrier 2,6 m
1100 x 2600 mm, framed, red (RAL 3020) or blue (RAL 5005)
Powder coating17,5
0T0015ZBarrier Frame 50 PcsHot-dip galvanised109
2078571 – 3020/5005Safety Barrier MK5 2,6 m
1174×2600 mm, red (RAL3020) or blue (RAL5005)
Powder coating15,8
0T0013ZBarrier Frame 65 PcsHot-dip galvanised72
2078810 – 3020/5005Safety Barrier 2,4 m 2 D
1100 x 2400 mm, red (RAL3020) or blue (RAL5005)
Powder coating17
0T0017ZBarrier Frame 80 PcsHot-dip galvanised103

Colour: The safety barrier mesh standard colours are RAL 3020 and 5005

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Jan Kaunisranta

Sales Manager