Construction site staircases

Construction Site Safety

Tammet’s construction site staircases allow for easier walking between the levels on a construction site. The staircases are easy to install and use, and they are convenient to transport and store. The metre-wide staircases allow for two-way traffic.

  • The staircases are available from 3 to 18 steps, in three-step intervals. The staircases with 15 and 18 steps are equipped with intermediate supports.
  • Assembling and transporting the construction site staircases are easy. If necessary, the staircases can be assembled to the desired size before transportation to the site. They are also easy to assemble on site.
  • All staircases are delivered with two handrails.
  • When the handrails are attached, the staircases can be moved into place with an appropriate lifting device. The staircases can be conveniently folded for smooth transportation.
  • The staircases can be assembled at a 30°- 55° angle (in Finland 30°- 45°). The staircases lock into place once they are set at the desired angle. The steps remain in a horizontal position regardless of the angle of the staircase. The steps are made of perforated panels with a rough surface that prevents slipping.
  • The staircases are made of galvanised steel. All Tammet staircases are designed and manufactured according to the European standard EN12811 for temporary structures.


2079709Stairway, 3 steps 1 m, widthHot-dip galvanised54
2079710Stairway, 6 steps 1 m, widthHot-dip galvanised71
2079711Stairway, 9 steps 1 m, widthHot-dip galvanised97
2079706Stairway, 12 steps 1 m, widthHot-dip galvanised138
2079707Stairway, 15 steps 1 m width, with supportHot-dip galvanised172
2079708Stairway, 18 steps 1 m width, with supportHot-dip galvanised214
99401EUR-pallet 0,8 x 1,2 m 21

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