Catch fan safety meshes

Construction Site Safety

Catch fan safety meshes or meshes protecting against falling materials have been designed to protect workers and construction sites from falling objects and debris.

The mesh units are modules that are mounted to the edges of vaults or scaffolding. It is also possible to mount the meshes on façades. The standard module sizes are 3×6 m and 3×4 m.

  • The catch fan safety mesh is a double-layered, polypropylene mesh with a base mesh consisting of 60×60 mm openings and a debris mesh with 20×20 mm openings.
  • The blue base mesh reduces the energy of the falling objects and the blue debris mesh stops even small objects from falling.
  • The mesh can stop objects weighing up to 100 kg dropping from a height of 7 m.
  • The catch fan safety meshes are suitable for very high construction sites and confined places, because they are easy to fold up, for example, out of the way of cranes.
  • The catch fan safety meshes have been manufactured according to the European standard EN 1263-1 (temporary structures).
  • We offer a wide selection of attachment components suitable for most floor plans. We also provide full technical support from design to delivery. We can organise training either at our premises or at the customer’s construction site.


2079601Materila Catch Fan safety net 6 m, including.
– 1 pcs Net M60 ja M20, joint together
– 2 pcs aluminium tubes were nets are attached to
– Aluminium-/Steel (2 pcs Aluminium tubes á 6000 mm + 2 pcs steel tubes, 50×50/3 mm, 2500 mm)
– 2 pcs couplers, round-/round
– 2 pcs couplers, round-/square
 And for the installation is needed: 
2079606Slab & Wall Fix, pair/2pcs4,7
2079609Scaffold Fix, pair/2 pcs4,4
2079604Extension, pair/2pcs6
2079605Kneebrace, pair/2 pcs7,8
0T0060Transport frame for Catch Fan, 10 pcs / frame45

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