Mining and tunnel-support meshes

Construction and Infrastructure

Dynamic rockfall meshes and rockfall meshes for static support (meshes for sprayed concrete).

Our dynamic rockfall meshes, made of carbon-steel, have been developed to be easily shaped to fit the rock surface, while meeting customer requirements for safety and strength. Safety is ensured by measuring the strength, strain, and energy absorption of the meshes.

Using the customer’s fastening systems in our test lab, especially washers, but also rock bolts, we can simulate the impact of rock pressure on the grid as accurately as possible and at the same time the actual conditions of the customer. The tests are carried out by mounting the dynamic mesh with four bolts in a 1×1 m square. The meshes for sprayed concrete are mounted in the same way.

By testing several different types of mesh, we can easily find the best solution for our customers’ needs.


Mesh type
(Wire diam.– Pitch)
SizeEffective area
Weight/effective area
Max strain
Energy absorption
5,5-752270 x 25304,229,16,94711,7
5,5-752500 x 28805,636,56,54711,7
5,5-1002230 x 25303,821,75,1377,3
5,5-100 Kuumasinkitty2230 x 25303,823,95,1377,3
Tammet 100 S2130 x 24304,221,65,15211,3
Tammet 100 L2530 x 29306,230,44,95211,3
5,5-1252270 x 25303,317,95,4204,0

* An area formed between the bolts at the corners of the mesh with three wires between the edge and the bolt.

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Ingmar Baarman

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Sales Manager