Interior-design meshes

Construction and Infrastructure

Pressed meshes give a stylish outlook to a site where functionality and aesthetics are important criteria. Tammet’s pressed meshes are special products made from metal wire. The wires used in these meshes are pressed before being weaved into a mesh, giving a beautiful appearance to the wires in the mesh.

The structure of the mesh gives the product rigidity and malleability. The product line for pressed meshes is particularly designed to create new possibilities for architects and designers. There is a wide selection of wire size and mesh aperture size, meaning a suitable combination can be found for any purpose. Some examples of uses for these meshes include: building interiors and façades, sun grating, straight or wavy indoor ceilings, railing meshes, visual barriers, as parts of furniture and artworks, etc.

For the wire materials when manufacturing pressed meshes, uncoated, galvanised, stainless or acid-proof steel is usually used. Meshes can also be manufactured with brass wire, by special order. Uncoated or galvanised mesh can be powder coated for interior or exterior use. Pressed meshes can be made with a variety of wires and aperture styles. This gives architects and designers the opportunity to tailor unique solutions according to the specifics of each site.

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Jan Kaunisranta

Sales Manager