Anti-graffiti meshes

Construction and Infrastructure

Anti-graffiti protective meshes are used for underpasses, exterior walls, and similar locations as a protection against graffiti. The mesh makes it more difficult to paint graffiti in visible locations.

The standard model of anti-graffiti mesh is made of welded wire mesh, which is hung using holders on a wall, locking the mesh in place. The sides are folded in, which makes the mesh stiff, durable, and safe.

The size of the standard module is 1 x 1.25 m. We also supply tailored meshes, so regardless of size, we can always provide the product for your project.

We supply meshes with four different surface coatings:

  • Anti-graffiti colour-treated mesh: The anti-graffiti colour gives the surface a non-stick quality, so no permanent traces of graffiti paint will remain on the mesh. The anti-graffiti colours can be obtained from the RAL colour chart.
  • Galvanised mesh: A durable and cost-efficient product.
  • Galvanised and powder-coated mesh: The powder coating makes the surface even more durable and stylish. The colours are according to the RAL colour chart.
  • Uncoated surface: rusts over time and gives the product a pleasant patina.


Hole c/c
2025101PGraffitiverkko1150 x 115050 x 50 / 4,0 mm6,1Maalaus RAL-kartan standardi värisävyyn
2025102PGraffitiverkko1150 x 240050 x 50 / 4,0 mm12,3Maalaus RAL-kartan standardi värisävyyn
2025201PKiinnike  0,15Maalaus RAL-kartan standardi värisävyyn


Jan Kaunisranta

Sales Manager